September 2012

Writing tips

Create more interesting stories

I remember a refrigerator magnet my mom used to have that read, “They only notice if you don’t do it.” The magnet was about cleaning the house. If the house is clean, no one notices, but if it’s dirty, then it’s painfully obvious to everyone.

That’s what proper grammar, spelling and punctuation in your blog is like, which I wrote about last week. It’s basic and the lack of it will make you lose credibility. But it won’t make your writing more interesting or readable. Creating text that keeps the reader interested is a totally different story altogether.

Reducing mistakes in your writing

Simple tips to improve your writing

All you have to do is look at some of your friends’ Facebook posts or in the comments section of a news site like Yahoo to know that there’s no shortage of people writing on the Internet who lack an understanding of basic grammar. While nobody likes the pushy grammar police, if you want to be taken seriously, you should make an effort to reduce mistakes in your writing.