March 2012


Which is worse--failure or inactivity?

Whenever I look back on my life and think about my regrets, I recognize a pattern. My regrets are never things that I tried and failed to complete, or times when I made a fool of myself, or even times when I was bitterly—bitterly—rejected. Instead, my biggest regrets are always occasions of wanting to do something, but being too afraid of the if’s, and’s or but’s to even try.

I’m sure that everyone can commiserate on this sad tale—most people regrets don’t stem from failures, but rather the insecurity to even get that potential failure off the ground. Here are a few of my biggest regrets that stemmed from my own inactivity:

How Much Hosting Do You Need?

One of the great myths about starting a website is that you need to start out with a big hosting plan.  It’s great to be optimistic, but when you’re starting a new site, unless you are a marketing god, you aren’t going to be getting much traffic in the first few months.  Keep this in mind when choosing a hosting plan, and you can save money instead of throwing it away on more bandwidth and storage than you really need.

Do You Need Your Own Domain?

When you are just starting out, you don’t really want to invest much money into your blog, especially when you don’t know for sure that it will be successful.  One thing to consider is whether to have a domain name for your blog, or use a free blogging platform and their assigned URL.  Either way will work, but if your eventual goal is to be a professional blogger, it pays to start out with your own domain name.