January 2012

Pay Attention to Your Online Image

When you are working to make money online, the image you project in the online world is critical.  This is especially true when you are providing a service rather than a product, because your clients will deal with you on a more personal level.  While you already know that what you say in your blog will reflect on you, you may not have considered how the things you say in online forums and other communities can say a lot about you too.

Ccleaner to Get Rid of Junk Files

Every day, I visit literally dozens of websites to research for the writing work I do.  You may already know this, but every time you visit a website, data is downloaded for storage offline to help you load that website faster in the future.  In addition, many sites will store cookies on your hard drive to help with certain site features.  All of this data being downloaded can create a huge drain on the resources of your computer.  To help me with my computer, I have been using Ccleaner for several years, and have been very impressed with the results.

Life Coaches

Should you hire one for yourself?

To most people, the words “life coach” brings to mind a flighty person burning incense and talking about how to put order into the universe. This may be the preferred style of some life coaches, but many of them are all business, helping their clients to put order into their lives, careers and activities.