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If you build it, they will come

It’s a lovely idea and a great sentiment, but unfortunately, it is not true.  If people do not know that your blog exists, they cannot visit it. But once you start getting visitors, there are things you can do to help them share your blog with others so that soon you will have too many visitors to know what to do with!

Social Sharing – There are plugins that you can install such as Sexy Bookmarks, that allows your visitors to click on their favourite social network and share it there.  The last time I looked, there were several dozen different options so I set it to show the more popular networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a few others.   It takes up one line on the screen and it keeps it simple for those that visit.

Auto Posting – Another great thing you can do is set your blog up to automatically post to your Facebook, your Twitter and I am sure all the other social networks out there.  Once it is setup, you can easily forget about it and move on to other traffic methods.  I have heard recently that these auto postings do not rank as high with Facebook as one you post manually so you may want to use these with a word of caution.

Repost – My blogs automatically post but I have started reposting them.  This may seem rather redundant, but the truth is, people have so much information going through their social media feeds that they may have missed yours.  By putting it out there a second time, you are increasing the odds of them seeing it.   Use caution when doing this – if you post it every hour, you will quickly alienate people!