Where to Host Your Blog

Where to Host Your Blog

If you’ve decided to host your own blog—whether it be for profit, for fun, for networking or promoting your work—there are a variety of free resources right at your fingertips. As long as you’ve got a good computer connection, you can blog from just about anywhere.

There are plenty of domains you may want to purchase if you want a branded, high-traffic webpage. But if your goal is simply to keep an online diary, a record of your life or work (or both), or just to be able to get out there and be heard, you’ll probably want something that’s free and accessible.

Below are a few blogging sites to consider. Each has its good points and bad points, so you’ll want to peruse and play before you decide which one you want to use. Most of these also have premium features you can pay to use, but all are free to use for basic features.

Blogger: Blogger was the first blog I ever tried out, years ago, and I think I simply got bored with it! But I understand that it’s had many improvements since then, and is considered one of the easiest blogs to use. Mobile posting is available, and there are a variety of gadgets and features to use—including video tutorials if you need them.

WordPress: WordPress is my personal favorite. I use WordPress simply because I know it, have used it for jobs, and find it very user-friendly. It’s also supposed to be one of the easiest platforms to use in creating your own website. However, I know people who have had trouble with various features at WP, including managing multiple bloggers for a single site. Figuring out the mechanics may take a little while, but not really longer than any other site. It’s also simple to post widgets and other applications into your sidebar if you choose.

LiveJournal: Considered an “old school” blog, LiveJournal was one of the first online writing sites created. It’s not the most user-friendly of the blogging sites—there’s a bit of manual stuff to learn for creating certain posts—but it’s a fun place to join different communities based on your interests. It’s definitely better for friends than for business.

Blog.com:  I’ve never personally tried Blog.com but it looks like a fairly straightforward site. It has a variety of looks, has mobile posting features, multiple author options and instant access once you register.