Using Drupal

Using Drupal

When submitting a story to a Drupal site, there are a few steps which make the process easier.

First, click on "Input format" and select Full HTML.

All posts need to have an image, which can be inserted with the camera icon, located in the center of the menu bar.

The next screen will prompt you to upload a picture and lead to a screen asking for a title and tags. The title is necessary to upload the picture. While the tags are optional, they are important as they can be used for key words in search engines.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to click the "Save" button. The next page will allow you to re-size your images. Click "Save" and your images will be re-sized.

To hyperlink text, click on the text you wish to link to, then click on the link icon in the menu bar. A pop-up box will prompt you for the url. Click "Insert".

To embed video, first click "Input format" and select "Full HTML". After all of your text is finished and your images are uploaded and sized, click "Disable rich-text" and then add the HTML.