Take Frequent Breaks

Take Frequent Breaks

"Set yourself a schedule to help make the time you do work more effective."

If you write for a living, you probably find yourself spending all too much time in front of the computer.  While this is obviously necessary, long, unbroken chunks of time spent sitting still can be very hard on your back, your arms and your concentration.  Taking frequent breaks will not only help keep your body in shape, but also help you maintain focus.  You may really notice benefits in those afternoon hours when the mind simply refuses to stay focused for any length of time.

Set yourself a schedule to help make the time you do work more effective.  For me, the right balance happens to be 45 minutes of solid writing, followed by 15 minutes of anything else.  I try to take advantage of that 15 minutes to get things done around the house.  For example, I can get the whole house dusted in my 15 minute break, which helps me stay productive (hey, it’s not glamorous, but it needs to be done) and gets the blood pumping a little bit to put more focus back in my brain.

You will probably want to experiment to see what kind of schedule works best for you.  For those of you with stellar concentration skills (I aspire to be like you), you may find that an hour or more works best for writing, while others may do their best work in chunks of 15 minutes.

However you do it, setting and sticking to a schedule that allows your mind and body to take frequent breaks will surely help you be more productive in the time you do work.  Having that deadline every hour can really get you motivated to write quickly and not procrastinate, which I’m sure none of us writers would ever do anyway, right?