Interact with Your Readers

Interact with Your Readers

No matter what your intentions with your blog – money, fame, family connections – your readers are the most important aspect of it.  Without readers, all the time you spend writing and researching will be for nothing.  It makes sense, then, to treat them right when they show up at your blog.  One thing that is often overlooked is responding to comments.

When a reader of your blog feels the content is worthy of the time spent to write a comment, you should appreciate their efforts and return the favor by taking the time to reply to what they say.  Think of your own habits when it comes to reading blogs.  You probably only reply on a handful of posts because they really catch your attention, and if the blogger doesn’t bother to respond, you may feel as though you have wasted your time.

The same applies to your own readers.  When they comment on a post, sign up for a newsletter or like your Facebook blog page, they are sharing themselves with you.  You should do the same.

Obviously, there are some readers who interact only to stir up trouble and you should deal with those in whatever way you feel comfortable, but a genuine reader who wants to be part of what you are sharing deserves consideration.

So when your blog hits the big time and those reader comments start pouring in, do what you can to interact with those readers.  Not only will it make them appreciate you more, it will also keep them coming back to your blog.  Readers are more likely to stay with a blog they feel a personal attachment to