To Include Photos or Not

To Include Photos or Not

Some may not agree, but blogging is an art form.  You have to combine the right elements in just the right way to have a successful blog, and one of those elements is photos.  Without photos, a blog post can look bland, and while photos may not be necessary to get the point across, they do make it a whole lot more interesting to look at.

Web users are very visual – they like to have something to break up the text.  A solid wall of text is very hard to follow, and many people will lose interest.  If you include a photo or two in the post, you give your readers something to look at, and a way to break up those big chunks of words.

Think of the web pages and articles you find most appealing.  Chances are, they combine different elements such as headers, bullet points and photos to add visual appeal to the page and make it easier to read, and a blog that is easier to read will naturally draw more visitors.

You don’t need to include many photos in a post, unless your topic requires it, such as with a tutorial.  One or two photos that are relevant to your topic will suffice.  If you can, align them within the text to help the page flow more smoothly.

Photos may not be necessary to a blog, but they will help your readers stay attentive and get the message you are trying to send.  You can find photos by visiting and using their search function.