Ccleaner to Get Rid of Junk Files

Ccleaner to Get Rid of Junk Files

Every day, I visit literally dozens of websites to research for the writing work I do.  You may already know this, but every time you visit a website, data is downloaded for storage offline to help you load that website faster in the future.  In addition, many sites will store cookies on your hard drive to help with certain site features.  All of this data being downloaded can create a huge drain on the resources of your computer.  To help me with my computer, I have been using Ccleaner for several years, and have been very impressed with the results.

Ccleaner is a free program you can download that will help clear up unused files on your computer, improve its speed, and even repair registry errors.  It is customizable, so you don’t have to delete certain types of information if you don’t want to, but it will remove items such as:

  • Temporary Internet files
  • Web history
  • Cookies
  • Autocomplete form entries
  • Download history
  • Recycle bin contents
  • Windows temporary files
  • Log files
  • DNS cache
  • Jump lists
  • Memory dumps

In addition to removing all those cumbersome files, Ccleaner can also help you manage your startup items, system restore points and even installed programs.

As I mentioned, I have been using this program for several years, and it has never caused any trouble with my system, but it sure is effective at clearing up the extra junk.  If you have not performed this type of maintenance on your system in a while, you may notice a considerable improvement in speeds.

So if your system is running slow, or you just want to stay on top of a new system and make sure it stays efficient, try Ccleaner.  You can’t beat the features for the price!